Why Cloth Diapers?

Cloth diapering may bring to mind safety pins and rubber pants, but these days cloth diapers have come a long way! Cloth diapers today are stylish and a lot easier to use than the kind our parents may have used. Depending on which brand and style you choose they can also be very economical compared to pricey disposable diapers. Check out our cloth vs. disposable page for all the comparisons.

What has made cloth diapering more popular in recent years? Partly due to a rough economy people are turning to more economical ways to diaper their babies. Environmental concerns also have caused people to turn to diapers that are reusable instead of filling landfills. Regardless of your reasons for cloth diapering this site has all the information you need to get started!
It may seem overwhelming at first but we are here to help. Learn how to use cloth diapers, how to wash cloth diapers, and even how to make your own for an even more economical way to diaper your baby. Cloth diapering is economical and environmentally friendly. Learn how to make cloth diapers work for you and get started today!

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