Nappy Cloth Diapers: Why use them?

Thinking of using nappy cloth diapers for your newborn baby?
Need someone to convince you? Here are a few reasons why you should use cloth nappy:

1. No Chemicals: Cloth diapers (nappies) are made from natural materials, sustainable and renewable, clean, without chemicals (dioxin, tributyl tin, sodium polyacrylate, polyethylene, etc…)

2. For the Environment: Nappies can prevent nearly one tonne of waste per child:
It will take 300 to 500 years for a disposable diaper to decompose! Disposable diapers contain sodium polyacrylate (superabsorbent gel) which continues to absorb water in landfills, delaying the decomposition of wastes that need the moisture and thereby increasing the volume of waste in landfills. A baby will use about 5,000 diapers after two years, which is equivalent to 25 kg of plastic (ie 67 kg of crude oil), 4 to 5 trees, and the use of chlorine to bleach pulp which leads to the production of dioxin (a known carcinogen). Thank you for saving our planet!

3. Save money:
Let us assume an average of 5 disposable diapers per day, that would come to 365 X 5 = 1825 diapers/year Assuming toddler years of 2 and half (average potty training age), that amounts to 1825 X 2.5 years = 4562.5 diapers One disposable diaper costs on average 0.30 cents (US), therefore 4562.5 X 0.30 = $1382 per child Compared to cloth diapers (nappy) for 2.5 years; Cost would be between 300 and 500 dollars depending on the type of layers and amount of layers you choose Note: cost of water consumed, electricity and detergent for washable cloth nappies, which is for the same period (2.5 years) – estimated $200 US Thus half the price!

4. Health: Nappy Cloths avoid overheating your little boy’s testicles, preventing them from developing properly. Your baby boy’s or girl’s little behind can breathe as cloth is a natural fiber not like the disposable diapers ( which are made with plastic)

5. Eco- Friendly: The production process of cloth diapers is non-polluting unlike disposable diapers

6. Comfort: Cloth diapers are more comfortable (with nice soft materials).

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